Subjectivity in Thought and Language

This is the official web page for the third internal workshop of the PLM Network. Every two years the PLM network organizes a workshop, in which some members of the centers that belong to the network present their work and receive comments from other members.  This edition will take place at the University of Barcelona on September 22-23  and the topic of the workshop  is Subjectivity in Thought and Language. Past editions took place in Dubrovnik (2012)  and Donostia (2014).

No registration fee, but if interested in attending please contact

Faculty of philosophy, University of Barcelona.
C/Montalegre 6, 08001 Barcelona.
4th floor, Seminari de Filosofia

Co-organized by Roger Deulofeu (LOGOS, UB) and Marc Artiga (LOGOS, UB).
Co-funded by PERSP (CSD2009-00056) and “La Complejidad de la Percepción: un Enfoque Multidimensional” (FFI2014-51811-P)